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The Basics of Bathtub Moulding and How to Install It

Taking out the old Bathtub Moulding is an easy task. Use a putty knife to remove the old moulding, or a hammer and pry bar to remove the existing moulding. Also, remove the baseboards that sit flush with the front of the bathtub, and save them for later. Clean the bathtub surface to remove dust and stains, and ensure that the new moulding will adhere properly.

To make a decorative bathtub moulding, first measure the height of the bathtub. This measurement is important because the cap/top board needs to be a bit lower than the top of the tub. Then, attach the bead board, and then attach it to the frame. Finally, attach the cap/top board. It is important that the bead board sits just above the frame, so it does not touch the top of the bathtub.

To make the product safe for children, the surface must be smooth and free from sharp edges. The flash should not be within the reach of small children. This is why children’s bathtub moulds are made of plastic and are exported to the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Brazil. For more information, visit Bathtub Moulding. The Basics of Bathtub Molding (Part 2) and How to Install It

The next step is to attach the cap/top board to the frame. Do not use PVC, as this can be dangerous, but it does provide a decorative facelift to the bathtub. You can attach it the same way you would attach bed moulding. Be sure to measure the cap/top before you attach it. Then, you can apply the bead board in the same manner as the cap/top board.

Once you have installed the bathtub moulding, you can add a decorative front to it. This will give the tub an instant facelift, and the decorative moulding will improve the look of the whole WC. You can also try a tutorial by Marci Schneider that shows you how to add the moulding. This will help you install the bathtub yourself. Once you have done this, you can enjoy your new-look bathtub in no time.

Adding moulding to your bathtub is an excellent way to give it a facelift and improve the overall look of the bathroom. You can easily install the bathtub moulding yourself by following the instructions below. Aside from adding decorative moulding to your bathtub, it can also improve the overall look of the whole WC. You can even add a small piece of artwork on the side of the tub if you want. It will add a nice accent to the entire room.

Besides adding a decorative accent to your bathroom, bathtub moulding can also protect your tub from water damage. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a ruined tub. Therefore, you need to take care of your bathtub moulding to ensure its beauty. You can choose the style that will suit your bathtub as long as it fits your needs. In case you’re looking to make an extra-special bathroom, consider using this option.

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