PVC Pipe Fitting Mould

Pvc Pipe Fitting Mould Manufacturers
SOLIDCO MOULD CO.,LTD is a comprehensive China Pvc Pipe Fitting Mould Manufacturers and Pvc Pipe Fitting Mould suppliers,There are 6 senior engineers, 5 designers and 50 experienced mould workers to ensure the Pvc Pipe Fitting Mould process is managed as efficiently as possible.our comapny an annual export value of over $2.5 million (USD) and Pvc Pipe Fitting Mould have been sent to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia in South America, Hungary, Russia, Turkey in Europe, Iran in Mid-East, also African and Asian countries etc. Solidco produce injection moulds, injection moulding parts that exceed our customers’ requirements with a complete set of CNC equipments. Accept small orders of Injection moulding products with small MOQ. SOLIDCO MOULD always can be your reliable supplier.

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