Using MoldFlow Analysis to Improve Injection Molding Design

SOLIDCO Mould is good at using moldflow to find the problems at the beginning, and pay attention to them is designing and producing process, work out the solutions to reduce risk, lower costs, shorten the construction period and improve quality.

Original design:

Hot runner with 6 valve gates, from the fill process, we can see hesitation on the top center. And there are weld lines on the main surface.


No.1 opened first, when the melt front reached the No.2&3 gates, No.2&3 opened, then the No.4&5 opened, in this mode ,the top side may filled before the under side.
Although the runner is unbalanced, but we can control the time of the valve gates to decrease the influence of the unbalanced flow. And the 4 gates on the top side can give a good compensation for shrinkage.
Most of the weld lines happened on the grid, there are no weld lines on the main appearance.

Model flow analysis case