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The storage and maintenance of powder tablet press mould0

In the pharmaceutical production process, the mould for tableting plays a vital role in the quality of the tablet. For example, the hole of the die becomes large, causing the unevenness of the punching filler to cause the difference in the weight of the tablet to not conform to the regulations or to produce a split; First, directly affect the weight difference and hardness of the tablet to cause the lobes, or affect the friability; the punch has a curling edge or the punch is not flat, affecting the flaking, causing the lobes, sticking and so on. Therefore, in daily management, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance, maintenance and storage of the powder tablet press mould to ensure the quality of our tablets.

1. The newly purchased mould will be accepted and accepted by the workshop mechanics. After passing the test, the team leader will confirm it again.

2. After receiving, the outer packaging should be removed. After removing the anti-rust oil, it should be cleaned and disinfected with 95% ethanol before being stored in the mould for storage. The storage area should be placed according to the model and the type of sheet, and the obvious indication is also provided. .

3. Before use, check whether the specification model of the mould is consistent with the required specifications. Before the mould is installed, use a clean cloth to wipe, and then wipe with 75% ethanol. After the ethanol is evaporated, install it again. During the installation process, check whether the punch and the die are in agreement. Special care should be taken to handle it gently. At the same time, note that the new and old moulds should not be mixed. When mixing, the control and influence on the difference of the weight should be evaluated or tested.

4. After the mould is used, it should be sent back to the mould management room and cleaned in time. When cleaning, use 95% ethanol. The cleaning process should pay attention to check whether the mould is damaged or not. If there is damage, pick it up in time, repair it, and repair it. The mechanic performs the assessment and scraps and registers.

5. If the cleaned mould is not used for a long time, it should be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil. When storing, it should be placed according to the model and the type of sheet, and there is obvious indication. The storage process should ensure the temperature and humidity of the room to avoid rusting of the mould. If the humidity of the room is too high, the dehumidifier can be turned on to keep it dry, keep the mould clean and dry, and do not store anything other than the mould between the moulds.

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