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A Guide to Choose the Best Office Chair Moulds

Aoxu Mould is well known for its plastic office chair mould. From garden to commercial use, from plastic chairs to computer chair, the wide variety of chair mould make available to all type of users. The chair moulds, especially designed for the garden are made with great material quality, light, efficient cooling & easy repair facilities. You can also find many accessories to complete your garden office environment. To make sure that you get the best chair mould, you have to do your homework first, such as making out which type of chair would match your outdoor environment.

The best way to choose the appropriate plastic chair mould is based on your requirements. For example: if you want a simple garden chair, you don’t have to go for heavy duty plastic injection moulds. You can also try out the different types of chairs available such as wood or fiberglass. Wood office chair mould comes in attractive looking colors, and it is easier to maintain than fiberglass. Moreover, you can choose from several designs such as upright, back or slatted.

As a part of heating & cooling equipment, heat and cool system is also essential for a successful plastic office chair mould creation. When working with this type of machine, the first thing to be noted is the cycle time, as it affects the quality of the whole process. The best cycle time is around 300 cycles per minute, and it should be able to replicate the same shape & size of mould as required by you. Cycle time can be increased to 500 cycles per minute if the mold is to be portable. Another factor that needs to be considered is that the chair mould should not require any special heating process, such as hot runner or cold runner.

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