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How to use mould spring correctly

Springs account for a very small proportion of the total cost of the mould. Trying to save costs on the springs may cause premature failure of the springs, increase maintenance costs, reduce productivity, make you waste more time and labor costs, and even damage the mould And cause greater losses. How can we ensure the use of mould springs?

1. Listed as the focus of design. Before constructing the mould, it is a wise choice to determine the type and quantity of springs, so that selecting the right spring becomes part of the design work.

2. Let the spring load in advance. Each spring in the installation mould must be pre-loaded by 5% in advance to avoid uneven load caused by uneven stress and loss of spring life.

3. The replacement must be in and out at the same time. It should be replaced at the same time during maintenance. Do not replace only one spring, because springs of different sizes and lengths, new and old, will cause uneven force.

4. Be protected and maintained. It should be protected when used in high heat, corrosion and other environments, and the mould spring should be replaced at a predetermined time interval.

5. Deepen the pilot hole in proportion. When the spring is installed in the refurbished mould, the pilot hole should be deepened proportionally to stabilize the spring energy device and produce uniform and uniform stress.

6. Do not cut and grind randomly. Arbitrarily grinding the inner and outer diameter of the spring or reducing the number of turns to match the size of the mould can easily damage the spring and cause early failure.

7. Appropriate guidance and protection. When the free length of the spring is greater than four times the average diameter, the spring will deform under compression. To solve this situation, a sleeve or a rod can be used, or both, to reduce the possibility of spring bending.

8. Although the mould spring design allows the maximum stress, when the mould spring is working under high load, do not expect it to maintain a long working life.

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