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Four advantages of rapid mould

The so-called rapid mould refers to the use of its specific shape to form a tool with a certain shape, size and surface accuracy. It can be used for mass production. Compared with other mould production, the cost of mass production is reduced.

1.The precision requirements of high-precision modern moulds are at least an order of magnitude higher than that of traditional moulds;

2.Long life span The service life of modern moulds is twice that of traditional moulds.For example, modern moulds can generally reach more than 10,000 times, and up to 100 million times;

3.High productivity Due to the use of advanced moulds such as multi-station progressive moulds, multi-energy moulds, multi-cavity injection moulds and stacked injection moulds, productivity can be greatly improved, resulting in significant economic benefits such as injection moulding with four stations It can produce plastic soda bottles with more than 10,000 pieces per hour;

4. Complex structure. With the diversification and personalization of social needs and the wide application of many new materials and new processes, the requirements for the structure and cavity of modern moulds are also increasingly complex.If the traditional mould manufacturing method is adopted, not only high cost but low productivity And it is difficult to guarantee the quality requirements of the mould. The design and manufacturing technology of traditional moulds simply cannot meet the market’s requirements for moulds.Therefore, for a long time, rapid and flexible production of low-cost and high lifespan, moulds that meet the requirements of use have become an urgent problem that mould manufacturing needs to solve. In the mould manufacturing, a brand-new mould manufacturing technology-based mould rapid manufacturing and easy-to-remember technology is becoming a new research hotspot of technology.

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