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Four methods to improve the quality of mould manufacturing

In order to ensure the quality of the workpiece, the quality of mould manufacturing must be improved, and high-quality moulds can be better used. To improve the quality of mould manufacturing, the following four aspects must be improved.

1.Improve the processing accuracy of the mould parts.The geometry of the working parts of the mould parts, such as the radius of the fillet, the angle of the die, and the angle of the cutting edge, should be strictly according to the design requirements.When the tool or equipment cannot be achieved, it should be repaired manually. Grind and strictly measure to ensure the reasonable stress state of the mould. For the parts with matching dimensions, their tolerances or grinding must be guaranteed.

2. Reduce the rough surface of the mould cavity. The reduction of the surface roughness can reduce the flow resistance of the billet and reduce the wear rate of the mould cavity. On the other hand, it can reduce the surface defects (knife marks, electric processing melting spots, etc.) and cracks. Propensity.

3. To improve the uniformity of the hardness of the mould in the heat treatment process should ensure uniform heating temperature, consistent cooling process, and should prevent surface oxidation and decarburization. After quenching, it should be fully and timely tempered.

4. Improving the accuracy of mould assembly These measures mainly include the adjustment of the gap amount and uniformity, increasing the contact between the supporting load surface and the mould clamping surface, and ensuring the consistency of the stress centers of the male and female moulds.

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