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How to choose a good home appliance mold?

Now, let’s learn some tips on how to choose a good household appliance mold.

Household appliances can be divided into four categories:

-White goods: such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines…

-Black appliances: such as TVs, cameras…

-Brown appliances: such as computers, electronics…

-Small household appliances: such as induction cookers, electric kettles…

Even for the same product, the plastic materials used to make home appliances can vary, and there are many plastic materials to choose from on the market. Therefore, the experienced mold design and R&D team will select appropriate mold steel materials to match different plastic materials to ensure that the manufactured home appliance molds are of excellent quality.

In daily life, we frequently use household appliances, and the safety of household appliances is the top priority. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-precision mold processing to manufacture household appliances with a high safety factor! At the same time, this is also a key process to ensure the accuracy of home appliance molds, and the assembly of home appliance molds must also be more careful, otherwise it will take more time and cost to ensure that the manufactured home appliances can meet the safe use standards.

Generally, hand polishing is superior to other methods for polishing the cavity of appliance molds.

In addition, there are other good molding technologies, such as gas-assisted injection molding technology, which can achieve small product warpage and deformation, good surface quality, and easy to form products with large differences in wall thickness.

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