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How To Make Injection Molded Products With Good Transparency?

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There are many standards to measure the transparency of some injection molded products, including transmittance, haze, refractive index, birefringence and dispersion.

See whether the hardness and strength of the material are required. Transparent injection molding products generally use PS, SNA (AS) materials, PMMA and other materials, but they all have a brittle problem that needs attention.

PS is a general-purpose plastic, and its price will not be higher than that of PP (transparent). If the transparency of PP (crystalline material) continues to be improved, its crystallization needs to be suppressed during the material preparation process, so the cost will be higher.

According to the light transmittance of injection molded product materials, it can be divided into:

Transparent material: the transmittance of visible light with a wavelength of 400nm-800 nm is above 80%;

Translucent material: the transmittance of visible light from 400 nm to 800 nm is between 50% and 80%;

Opaque material: the refractive index of 400 nm -800 nm visible light is below 50%.

According to the above classification, resin can be divided into:

Transparent resin: mainly including PMMA, PC, PS, PET, PES, J.D series, CR-39, SAN (also known as AS), TPX, HEMA, BS (also known as K resin), etc.;

Translucent resin: PP, PA; opaque resin: ABS, POM, PTFE, PF, etc.

The principle of improving the transparency of plastics:

Reduce crystallinity, control the quality of cleanliness, increase the refractive index, and reduce birefringence.

Ways to improve:

To improve the transparency of plastics, nucleating agents can be added. This is the most effective way to increase the light transmittance of transparent resins.

It can promote the crystallization of small molecular substances. It can act as a crystal nucleus in the resin. ​

Blending improves the transparency of plastics by adding other resins to transparent resin to improve transparency.

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