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Industrial connectors

Industrial connectors are specifically designed to create a rugged Ethernet connection in harsh environments, making them tougher, stronger and more resistant than conventional connectors. Its application is not only limited to manufacturing but also used to withstand the test of the harshest industrial environments.

  1. Easy to plug in and out, anti-vibration and will not fall off.

For example, under vehicle conditions, adapting to strong vibration environments is a rigid requirement. In the design and testing of industrial connectors, the insertion and extraction force is smooth and without resistance after repeated frequent insertion and extraction. In addition, the snap lock is firm and reliable, with strong holding force. It is rock-solid in external vibration working environment and will not cause loosening, poor contact or falling off;

  1. Under continuous operation, the temperature rise fluctuation is small. ​

The temperature rise change during continuous operation is a key indicator within the safety range. Due to the long-term input DC power and output AC power of the machine, the industrial connector will work continuously for a long time. Industrial connectors use high-quality materials and continuously improve the contact coating and process of the contact body. They can meet the requirements of small fluctuations in temperature rise under large current and high voltage conduction, without problems such as overheating or malfunctions, and are safer and more reliable to use;

  1. Excellent waterproof performance, no worries about humid environment.

Waterproofing is also a very important investigation indicator for connectors in humid environments or outdoor environments. It is not only related to the connection performance of the connector, but also related to the safety of use. The industrial connector can meet the waterproof requirements above IP65 when connected, and can meet the waterproof requirements of the inverter. If users have stricter and higher waterproof requirements in actual application scenarios, they can choose products with higher waterproof levels such as IP67 or IP68 to meet higher customer requirements;

  1. Outstanding corrosion resistance and adaptable to harsh environments.

Some industrial environments or outdoor environments have potential risks of salt spray corrosion. Industrial connectors are mainly made of PBT plastic, which is highly resistant to salt spray acid corrosion and can effectively protect the connector shell and internal equipment from corrosion.

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