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Solidco Mould under Corona virus Effect

As we all know, Corona virus hit us during the Spring Festival, the effect is tremendous, our city was lockdown by that time.

Solidco was plan to open on Feb 3rd after the holiday, however, we could not. To prevent virus spreading, all people need to stay at home, only people working for medical and food supply chain are allowed to go out. The rest of us were only allowed to buy necessary food and supply once every two days, 1 person each family. Under this situation, we decide to work at home and use Dingtalk to communicate or have a meeting.

One week later, the situation seems getting better, companies are allowed to apply for rework, we got our allowance on 17th, we started next day. Everyone need to wear mask and measure temperature each day, we canceled meeting during this time.

At the end of February, our city was very safe, we starting to have short time birthday party and morning meeting, we still wear masks just in case. The event is not over yet, but we are happy, we are believe it will end soon.

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