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The mould needs to be inspected before use to ensure the quality

The tablet press is a kind of health care product processing equipment, and is suitable for tablet-shaped health care product tableting. According to the industry, tablet press moulds play a vital role in the quality of products in the production of tablet-type health products.

For example, the hole of the die becomes large, causing unevenness of the punching filler, so that the difference in the weight of the product does not conform to the regulations or the splitting occurs; the length of the punching body is different, which directly affects the difference in the weight of the product and the hardness causes the split, or affects the friability; There is a curling edge or a rough punch, which affects the flaking, causing cracks, sticking, and the like. Therefore, the mould needs to be inspected and repaired or replaced before use to ensure the stability of product quality and continuous tablet production, reducing the cost of the enterprise.

In addition, after the installation and use of the tablet press, it is necessary to carry out inspection and maintenance to ensure that the equipment is in good condition when the enterprise is used next time. Therefore, in daily management, the operator must pay attention to the daily maintenance, maintenance and storage of the tablet press mould to ensure the quality of the product.

If the health care product manufacturer purchases the tablet press mould newly, it is necessary to let the tablet press mould be accepted and accepted by the workshop mechanics. After passing the test, the head of the pressure gauge team will confirm again. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, it can be put into production.

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