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Chinaplas 2019.5

CHINAPLAS 2019, the world’s leading technology-oriented trade fair, took place May 21-24, 2019, in Guangzhou, China, and over 3,400 global exhibitors attended the fair, Solidco Mould was one of them.

We arrived there one day before the fair, placed all our samples as what we designed in advance, in decent order. Then we went back to hotel and rest.

In the following 4 days, we met a lot of new customers, we talked about mould making, exchanged name cards, record contact number and took photos together. Many old customers visited our booth, we had chance to discuss their mould process in our factory, and estimated the time for shipping. Everyone is busy all the day from beginning to the end.

Last day afternoon, lots of other factory close their booth early, we still have some customers in our booth so we did not start collecting samples until last minutes, We stayed in hotel that night and flied back to our city next day.

For all the days in the fair, we are all busy but same time satisfied with our performance.

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