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Application of two-color injection moulding machine in products

With the transformation of China’s mould transformation and the continuous changes in industrial innovation, the market prospects of various branches of the industry are gradually becoming clear. The two-color mould industry is facing technological innovation, and technological upgrading is necessary. This is an important condition for the rapid development of the industry and market demand.

The two-color injection moulding machine is a technology that can produce high-gloss surface at one time and has two layers of different colors inside and outside. The application of this technology can greatly enhance the appearance of the whole product. Compared with the ordinary two-color two-color injection moulding, the large-scale two-color vertical injection moulding machine has great differences in product characteristics, mould structure, action sequence, gate setting The difficulty is greatly increased.

In continuous production, the outer layer injection is performed simultaneously with the inner layer injection, so the moulding cycle is substantially close to the conventional injection moulding. The two-color injection moulding machine technology can be combined with the high-gloss non-melting-injection injection moulding technology. The high-temperature and high-pressure hot water or steam is used to heat the mould in the production, and the cooling medium is quickly switched after the injection is realized to quickly cool the mould, and the surface has no melt marks and has The high-gloss two-color plastic parts can significantly improve the appearance of the whole machine.

The two-color injection moulding machine is separately injection moulded inside and outside, so the mould needs two sets of cavities and two sets of cores, two of which are completely identical, and can be interchangeably matched with two sets of cores; both sets of casting systems are located in The core side belongs to the reverse mounting structure; the ejector is also placed on the core side, and the oil pressure is used for ejection. Together with the cooling system, the complexity of the entire core side structure is greatly increased.

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