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Effect of injection mold on product quality

Injection processing industry, each injection mold manufacturers are consumables, injection molds, like people can be divided into adolescent, maternal, senile three states, respectively, the corresponding value is not the same. Mold the end result is the aging or aging parts affect the quality of the product need to replace or even scrap the new open mold. Therefore, the maintenance of injection mold to produce the greatest value in a life cycle is our direction has been working hard. Injection mold maintenance, but injection mold maintenance will have a corresponding cost, the most intuitive is to stop processing. General injection molding manufacturers will be agreed with the customer injection mold maintenance time, in advance to prepare. Another point is that the cost of injection mold maintenance labor and materials injection mold summarized the main points
1, unreasonable clamping force, clamping force set excessive excessive mold load led to mold up, resulting in plastic products flash;
2, the unreasonable speed of the unlock mode, resulting in injection mold in the clamping by the impact of excessive damage;
3, improper thimble parameters, resulting in uneven force by the thimble or instant impact and break the loss of product deformation;
4, the correct low-voltage protection settings to prevent mold loss of pressure;
5, mold cleaning needs to be done to avoid damage to the surface and the junction;
6, do a good job of lubrication, rust and basic maintenance work, so that the mold to deal with normal working conditions.
  Therefore, the need for good product quality is good injection mold, injection molding manufacturers should be regular injection mold maintenance, prevention of equipment failure and affect the production of a variety of circumstances,
Extend the service life of injection molds, reduce production costs, thereby enhancing the maximum value of injection mold. This is also as injection molding manufacturers should consider.

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