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Five major issues must be paid attention to when using new molds

In order for the mold to have a reasonable service life, we need to pay attention to some problems when using the new mold, so that it will not cause the early damage of the mold. What problems should we pay attention to when using the new mold? The main attention should be paid to the following five issues.

1. Whether the handle screws and punching screws on the mold are loose.

2. Whether the guide post and guide sleeve are clean and whether there is lubricating oil; otherwise, add clean lubricating oil after cleaning. Should choose higher viscosity lubricating oil, such as 50# mechanical oil. When the mold is in use, lubricate the guide post every 2 hours.

3. Since the motor cold punching mold is a precision mold, the upper and lower planes of the mold base should be free of burrs and debris. Otherwise, the upper and lower planes of the mold base will be out of parallelism, which will result in out-of-poor punching burrs.

4. If the upper plane of the mold handle is not in close contact with the bottom plane of the slider when the mold was installed last time, cracks are easily generated. If there are cracks, please replace the mold handle. Otherwise, once the die handle breaks, the die will be scrapped or the punch will be damaged.

5. Before installing the mold on the punch, please confirm the following: Whether the diameter of the leak hole of the punch is greater than the diameter of the leak hole of the die base Φd+50 or exceeds the diameter of the die core. If the above conditions are met, the diameter of the leakage hole Φ should be considered at this time to prevent the mold base from deforming due to poor system rigidity and long-term punching, resulting in excessive punching burrs, thereby affecting the service life of the mold.

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