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Main points of high-speed mould machine tool

According to the development of demand, more and more high-speed cutting moulds are used. For high-speed cutting moulds, the mould machine tool must pay attention to four major points in the process of use to avoid unnecessary damage.

1. It is required that the spindle power of the machine tool is large and the speed is high to meet the rough and fine machining. A small-diameter tool is used for finishing the mould, and the spindle speed is above 15000 ~ 20000rmp. Machine tools with spindle speeds below 10,000 rpm can perform roughing and semi-finishing. If you need to meet both roughing and finishing in large-scale mould production, the machine tool selected * has two spindle speeds or two specifications of electric spindles.

2. The rapid feed of the machine tool does not have a high requirement for rapid empty travel. But it must have a relatively high processing feed speed (30 ~ 60m / min) and high acceleration and deceleration.

3. It has a good high-speed and high-precision control system, and has high-precision interpolation, contour forward control, high acceleration, high-precision position control and other functions.

4. Choose CAD / CAM software supporting high-speed machine tools, especially software for high-speed cutting moulds. The application of five-axis machine tools in mould production has gradually increased, and high-speed cutting moulds have the following advantages: ① to change the cutting angle of the tool, good cutting conditions, reduce tool wear, help protect the tool and extend the life of the tool; ② flexible processing route Reduce tool interference, can process moulds with complex surface shapes and deep cavity moulds; ③ Large processing range, suitable for many types of mould processing. Five-axis machine tools usually have two types: working table and milling head type five-axis machine tools, which can be selected according to the mould type. In the milling head type five-axis machine tool, the five-axis machine tool, which can replace the milling head and replace the electric spindle head, can be used for roughing and finishing of the mould, respectively.

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