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The role of plastic injection mould design

Plastic injection mould quotation, plastic injection mould design and plastic injection mould manufacturing support a huge product development process. When you need to provide a quotation for the cost of plastic injection moulds and parts, it usually means the beginning of the concept design stage or the detailed design stage.

At this time, if the plastic injection mould engineer or mould maker gives a sufficiently detailed design, it is somewhat unreasonable. The reasons are:

A lot of work in the early plastic injection mould design is carried out at the same time as the imperfect product design;
Due to manufacturing processability or product performance considerations, the mould design may require major modifications.
The mould development process usually starts with an initial design that lacks detail. If the initial design is used directly, it may lead to the production of unsatisfactory products. The design information of the key parts required for the initial mould design includes part size, wall thickness and expected production volume.

Based on this information, plastic injection mould designers can develop the initial mould layout, give cost estimates, and give product design improvements. In order to speed up the product development process, mould design and mould parts procurement and customization can be carried out simultaneously.

When the product development phase is about to end, the plastic injection mould manufacturing and commissioning phase begins. For this reason, mould manufacturers and suppliers are under great pressure to provide high-quality moulds as soon as possible. This task is very challenging because of potential errors in the product design process.

Therefore, the plastic injection mould designer may be required to redesign and modify some moulds and cooperate with the mould manufacturer to determine whether the mould meets the production requirements.

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