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Reasonable die design is the basis for improving die durability

The failure of the stamping die has a close relationship with the resistance to congestion. The durability of the stamping die after working for a period of time, the working size is lost due to frequent wear and tear, and the technical conditions of the part can no longer be met. It is determined according to the total number of parts punched by the die. From design, machining, assembly, adjustment to installation and use of a pair of stamping dies, there are many procedures, long cycles, and high processing costs.Therefore, in addition to the requirements for high production efficiency, the stamped parts fully meet the quality requirements and technical conditions, The durability of the stamping die itself is also important.

Improve the design of the die

Whether the die design is reasonable is the basis for improving the durability of the die. Therefore, effective measures should be taken when designing the punching die to improve the durability of the punching die. For example, the life of a punching die designed with a small hole is often reflected in the punching punch. For this type of die, the small punch should be designed to shorten its length as much as possible to increase the strength. At the same time, the guide sleeve method should be used to strengthen the small punch to protect it.

In addition, in the design of the die, factors such as the form of the die frame, the fixing method and guiding form of the convex and concave die, the determination of the pressure center, and the rigidity of the upper and lower die plates should be fully considered. Especially for the punching die, choosing the gap value has a great influence on the durability. In the design, the clearance of the die should be selected reasonably, and the gap value should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the service life and durability of the die. Practice has proved that without affecting the quality of stamping parts, properly expanding the gap can greatly improve the durability of the die, sometimes even several times and dozens of times.

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