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The mould protector is used for quality management

Mould protectors are used in production lines or assembly lines to perform part identification, sorting or error correction tasks to help you automate production.

The mould protector is used for quality management. The standard samples of each product can be archived and stored in the controller. The quality inspector can compare the current product with the sample in real time or irregularly, and can find defective products accurately and timely.

Introduction to the mould protector:

Mould protector, also known as mould protector, electronic eye, is mainly a mould protection system for real-time protection, control and detection of various types of injection moulding machine operation. Because in the industrial manufacturing process, the loss of moulds of many companies is very serious. In view of the irregularities and particularities of different products, despite many measures for mould protection, it is still impossible to avoid mould damage. Economic loss and personal injury. The quasi-visual mould protector uses the machine vision contrast function and the powerful computing speed of the computer CPU to perform real-time arithmetic processing on the image data. By analyzing the images captured during the running of the machine, the operation of the injection moulding machine is intelligently monitored, and the product can be effectively detected. Compliance is checked and any residue is checked before clamping to prevent mould damage.

The mould protector is a mould protection system that protects, controls and detects the operation of various types of injection moulding machines in real time. It can realize 7×24×365 days of monitoring, effectively check whether the products are qualified, and check for residuals before clamping. In order to prevent mould pinch damage, it is suitable for various brands of injection moulding machines.

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