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The function of the TR-rotary clamp is to tighten the mould

The quick die change system is composed of a clamper, a lifter, a shifting arm, a pneumatic pump combination and an electronically controlled operation box. Widely used in punching machines, injection moulding machines, die casting machines and hydraulic presses.

The rapid die change system can significantly shorten the installation and setting time of the punching die, and greatly reduce the labor cost, increase the safety of the punching operation, improve the working environment, and truly achieve the purpose of rapid production and sales.

1.the clamp (divided into upper and lower clamps)

Function: clamping of the punching mould.

There are six types of clamps:

1) TX type clamp

This type of clamping device saves space, but the die must have a U-groove for its grip, and the bottom is made to slide in the T-slot of the table.

2) TY type clamp

This type of clamp has a lever principle and does not require a U-groove to hold the die edge, so it has a wider range of applications.

3) TAX self-propelled clamp

The function of this type of clamp is: tightening the mould, featuring: using the pneumatic mechanism to make the clamp clamp independently, suitable for the upper hydraulic press.

4) TP telescopic curved clamp

The TP telescopic curved clamp is used for supporting and side clamping the mould; the clamping surface is horizontal. It has the characteristics of a movable wedge-shaped arc structure and a curved path. The gas clamping force is not disturbed by temperature changes. It can be used in word-intensive load situations such as thermoforming. The product model range is wide, and the processing can pass 630KN.

5) TR-rotary clamp

The function of the TR-rotary clamp is to tighten the mould. Features: The use of air pressure to actuate is that the clamp rotates 90 degrees to perform the clamping action with oil pressure.

6) CE/CF swing clamp

This clamp function is: tighten the mould. Features: The hydraulic drive allows the clamp to swing and change into the mould, which is then put into the mould clamping action.

2.the model lifter

Function: Make the precision punching mould off the table surface and easy to change the mould.

3.the mould arm

Function: It is convenient to change the mould, making the precision punching mould easier to move to a fixed position.

4.pneumatic pump combination

In the rapid die change system, pneumatic oil pump plays a very important role. In addition to the supply of oil pressure, when the power is cut off and the air pressure disappears, the pneumatic control valve in the pneumatic oil pump can be reversed. The pressure in the rapid die change system of the precision press is maintained without falling, so the pneumatic hydraulic pump and the pneumatic control valve are important components in the rapid die change system.

Function: The power source of each component actuation, the principle is to operate pneumatically, and the output is hydraulic pressure. The loop control system has a reverse function that maintains oil pressure when air pressure is lost.

5.electronic control box

Function: It controls the control of each component, and has the connection control switch with the precision punching machine.

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