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Playground Slide Large Injection Mold Design And 3D

  • Slide 3D mold design
Slide Large Injection Mold


The maximum dimensions of the playground slide product are 1438.89 mm x 376.95 mm x 214.80 mm, the average thickness of the plastic part is 3.17 mm, the material of the plastic part is PE, the shrinkage rate is 1.018, and the weight of the plastic part is 2726.03 grams. The technical requirements for plastic parts are that there should be no defects such as peaking, injection dissatisfaction, flow lines, pores, warping deformation, silver streaks, cold material, and spray lines.

Playground slides are common entertainment facilities in kindergartens. There are various structures of slides, including ups and downs, slides down slopes, and spiral rotations. Playground slides are commonly designed and manufactured with materials such as PE and PP. Safety needs to be paid attention to when designing the product. The material itself is non-toxic and harmless. The appearance design of the product meets the entertainment needs of children. There are no sharp parts and cannot cause harm to children.

The plastic part of the slide is large in size and simple in structure and shape. The parting surface of the mold is a curved surface. There are 4 small holes on the edge of the plastic part that need to be designed to pull the slider core. Therefore, the mold belongs to the large mold. Compared with ordinary small and medium-sized molds, the design of large molds has its own characteristics. The difficulty caused by the large size is mainly due to the great responsibility. Any small mistake or poor consideration will bring great losses to the mold manufacturing process, and in serious cases, it will waste money and affect the quality of the mold.

  • Slide Large Injection Mold Slide Mould

Usually the mold cavity is 1 out of 1, and the mold blank is a non-standard mold blank 75180. For such a large mold, the original mold core design method is mostly used. Both the front and rear mold AB boards are made of P20, and the cavity of the front mold is directly made on the A board, and processed by large-scale gantry CNC. The processing content of the rear mold insert is more, and it needs to cut the ejector pinhole and the bone position by EDM. The size of the machine tool for these two processes is limited, so the insert of the rear mold is divided into three parts.

Large-scale molds are prone to insufficient rigidity. Therefore, in addition to the rigidity design and strength design of the formwork, the combination strength between the formworks is also important. The rigidity after mold closing needs to be realized by the tiger’s mouth on the formwork.

For the mold of extra large plastic parts, the design of gating system is very important. The most typical large-scale molds, such as auto parts, door panels, bumpers, etc., large-scale medical equipment CT machine racks, etc. The design of the mold and gating system of these plastic parts cannot be designed entirely by experience. Most require mold flow analysis to determine a good gating system design. The number of gates for the playground slide, after mold flow analysis, uses the YODU hot runner system and requires three gates.

The model of the hot nozzle is BIM45CC, an open hot runner system, 3 hot nozzles for glue feeding, and a splitter plate. The design of a large-scale hot runner system needs to take into account the fluidity of the plastic, the mass of the plastic part (grams), the wall thickness of the plastic part, etc. This process is designed by the hot runner supplier, and mold flow analysis is also required.

Another problem is that for such a large plastic part, the point gate of the three-plate mold cannot be used, because the size of the plastic part is large, the flow of molten plastic is far away, and the flow channel of the three-plate mold is easy to cool, and it is impossible to complete the rapid filling of the plastic part.

Due to the performance requirements of plastic parts, there should be no gates or other thimble marks on the outer surface. For this reason, the mold is designed with an inverted mold structure. Because the ejector plate is huge, it is difficult to balance ejection by designing two or four oil cylinders at both ends of the ejector plate, so two ejector cylinders are designed in the middle of the ejector plate, and the square iron on each side is cut into two ends.

The cooling system of the plastic parts adopts multiple ponds for cooling, and the front and rear molds are designed with ponds. Playground Slide Large Injection Mold Design And 3D

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