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How can we order good chair molds?

If you want to know whether the injection chair molds produced by the mold factory you are working with are of high standard, then you can learn about the following:

chair mold cycle

Chair mold life

Is the dividing line good or not? Does it have sharp edges?

Whether the wall thickness of the chair is uniform

How do they produce chair molds so that the chair is light and strong

What about chair overlays?

How to design a good exhaust on the seat back?

How to make your chair polish last?
  1. How to judge the mold cycle? If the cooling water temperature is 8-12°C and the weight of the chair is 1700g to 2400g, then its cycle period should be 35s-50s. If the machine’s plastic melting and injection molding are performed under the action of an accumulator, please check their waterway design. Is the waterway straight-through? Is the direction of the waterway consistent with the shape of the chair?
  2. How to ensure the chair mold life?Many people will say that they can guarantee one million modes, so what is the definition of one million modes? Does it mean that the mold is broken or does it mean that there is no flash after the mold has been run for one million times? If you cut the flash manually, then I think you can use this mold to produce 10 million molds. Therefore you need to check the hardness of the steel and whether the mold has welded parts. Under normal circumstances, the hardness of the steel material should be HRC33.
  1. How to ensure that the parting line of the chair has no sharp edges and burrs? Rough parting lines on chairs are dangerous, and in order to avoid sharp edges, we must pay attention to many aspects during mold production: Is the parting line design of the chair mold correct? Is the cavity core thick enough?
  2. Is the wall thickness uniform?Manual work on the parting line is one cause of uneven wall thickness. Of course, most of the reasons are caused by the 3D design of the plastic chair and poor lighting of the cavity core. Therefore, when we start a plastic chair mold design, the factor of wall thickness has to be considered.
  1. Questions about superposition When starting the chair design, we want to check how it stacks up. You also need to consider the possibility of deformation of the chair mold.
  2. How to ensure that the chair is light and strong enough?When designing chair products, we must consider its weight and strength. You can make the bottom of the chair strong enough by adding more ribs. What about the legs, back, and cushions? Regarding this, you need to analyze the strength of each area. If you want a chair that is both light and strong, you need to choose a PP material with a low melt index. But the premise is: the mold must be very strong, and injection molding filling must also be feasible, because you are using a plastic with a melt index of 4 or a maximum of 6.
  1. How to design a good exhaust on the seat back? Some chairs have complex back designs because there are many plastic welds that can cause poor venting as the material fills and flows. So you need to use mold flow analysis to confirm whether some areas of the mold need to be vented.
  2. How to ensure the durability of chair mold polishing?In order for the core cavity of the mold to not be corroded by the plastic, you want to make sure the steel is chrome plated and has a hardness over 33. If you are producing with some regrind, the chair mold must be chrome plated. Otherwise, the mold should be polished frequently.
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