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Playground Slide Large Injection Mold Design And 3D

https://solidcomould.com/product-category/injection-mould/ The maximum dimensions of the playground slide product are 1438.89 mm x 376.95 mm x 214.80 mm, the average thickness of the plastic part is 3.17 mm, the material of the plastic part is PE, the shrinkage rate is 1.018, and the weight of the plastic part is 2726.03 grams. The technical requirements for plastic parts are that there should be no defects such as peaking, injection dissatisfaction, flow lines, pores, warping deformation, silver streaks, cold material, and spray lines. Playground slides are common entertainment facilities in kindergartens. There are various structures of slides, including ups and downs, slides down slopes, and spiral

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Plastic mold design process

1. Accept the task letter The task statement for forming plastic parts is usually proposed by the part designer, and its contents are as follows:Plastic

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